What I Do

I'm Dan! I like working on computers and building things out of wood and metal! Take a look at some of the projects I've gotten myself into!

Posing in some boxes that I made

Welding at Artisan's Asylum

I've been helping get the Metal Shop at Artisan's Asylum ready to go. I've learned to weld some things along the way, and I've help build several pieces of furniture for the welding shop, like this angle grinder storage rack.

welding is a group effort

Working on Bicycles

I've ridden, commuted on, and fixed bikes my whole life. And when I couldn't find a bike with all of the features I wanted, I built one up myself. Here is the internally-geared wheel I built for my bicycle project.

welding is a group effort

Working with Technology

Computers fascinated me from a young age. Taking computer science classes in college fed that intrigue and introduced me to the vast expanse of problems that computers can help solve. I've worked as a professional software engineer for nearly a decade, and much my work has focused on data-intensive systems and database infrastructure.


Hair Experiments

Covid forced babrbershops to close, but my hair still continued to grow. I watched a variety of tutorials on how to cut my increasingly long and unkempt hair, but In the interest of distracting people from unevenness in my first self-haircuts, I decided to bleach my hair blonde. I was pleasantly surprised by the results, so I continued bleaching my hair since then.

hair bleach takes time